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 the edelstein center for social research

The Center’s objective is to contribute to the consolidation of Latin America’s democracies  and strengthening the capacity of the countries in the region to actively participate in the formulation of global agendas.

Towards these objectives, The Edelstein Center promotes research and supports applied projects designed to improve public policies. It aims to foster the dialogue between social actors and knowledge producers and to disseminate internationally Latin American  social sciences production.  Whenever possible The Edelstein Center develops it’s projects in partnership with other national and international institutions.

The Center supports the use of the Internet as an instrument for promoting free access to and universalization of knowledge . To this end, we develop virtual libraries, data banks and studies which systematize the state of the art on key social issues.

Since it chooses partners to carry out it’s projects, the Center does not solicit projects. Proposals for partnerships will be considered, however, the Center does not guarantee the evaluation of these projects within in a pre-determined time.

  Joel Edelstein
President of the Board
Bernardo Sorj
Director of the Center
Praia do Flamengo, 100 | Flamengo | Rio de Janeiro - RJ | CEP: 22210-030 - contato@centroedelstein.org.br